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[S1E10] Future !!TOP!!

Everlasting's credibility is pretty much in tatters after that disaster of a live wedding event, and it made me realize just how good Quinn is at her job. I'll be surprised if Chet is anywhere near the show when it returns. Brad sure thought Quinn was expendable, but it looks like the ball is in her court for the foreseeable future.

[S1E10] Future

He is distraught, crying out that he now knows his actual relatives are people close to him: the Nielsen family. He tearfully tells her there's nothing wrong with them and only he is the anomaly. Ines tells him that she believes that scenarios, even the strangest ones, happen for a reason. Now that Jonas exists, who knows what the future will bring? He wails that he just wants things to be normal.

The Stranger returns to the clockmaker's shop and notices that H.G. Tannhaus has repaired his portable time machine. Tannhaus shows him he has two devices: the one the Stranger brought, which shows how the device looks in the future, and the one he built many years earlier. He reveals that he needed to inspect the older version to complete the younger version, observing the beginning and end of something simultaneously to understand the origin. He removes Ulrich's smartphone from his drawer and moves it around the machine, prompting beeping noises and cylinders of gears to protrude. Tannhaus demonstrates that the smartphone from the future sends a signal to the device of the past to intensify the latter's power; the future really influences the past.

Helge drives up to the T-intersection near the bus stop during the rain, stopping at a red traffic light. He focuses his mind on the song encouraging listeners to look forward to the future. When the light turns green, and he continues his path, another car barrels toward him from the left and crashes into Helge's left side. The driver-side door is caved in, the windows are shattered, and Helge's face is streaked with his blood. He limps out of the car and struggles his way to the other to find out who the driver is. He is startled when he sees Helge, his older self, dead in the driver's seat.

Lights start flickering, and the ground begins rumbling in all three periods. In 1953, a battered Ulrich sits in his cell as the lamp blinks. Tannhaus is working on the device in 1953 as the lights flicker around him, much to his concern. He feels the ground rumbling as scrolls fall from the shelves. Bernd and Greta Doppler notice the lights flashing in their parlor as they sit together. Agnes Nielsen and Doris Tiedemann have a toast of drinks at the dining table as they witness the lights flickering. They hold hands in this paranormal scenario. In 1986, Claudia notices the blinkers flickering. In 2019, Katharina sees the lights of the solar system model in Mikkel's room flashing. Charlotte and Peter hug each other at the sight of the flickering lights in the bunker. Hannah nonchalantly sits in her dining chair as the lights in the house flicker. She aims her gun across the table as if she were about to shoot someone. Tronte and Jana Nielsen embrace each other in their shaking apartment. Glitches start to occur as well. Magnus Nielsen and Franziska Doppler are in the living room watching TV as a Raider commercial from 1986 plays onscreen. Aleksander and Regina Tiedemann exit the car (with flickering blinkers) and take a gaping sight of a massive dome of dark matter looming above the forest, slowly closing the cave wormhole. In the post-apocalyptic future, in the woods, Claudia has a shotgun on her jacket. She raises her hands to the level of her chest, feeling the air snowing with chemical ashes.

Jonas wakes up with a start, panting. He is still in the bunker, but the wallpaper is missing, and the room is dim. There are stacks of shotguns, survival equipment, and hanging items. Behind him is the string wall, where his photo is connected to the Stranger's by red string. He goes outside, where the sky is gloomy, and it's snowing ashes. The T-intersection has become a contaminated war zone, where trucks are dumped; signs with the warning "Caution, Radiation, Restricted area" are hung, flaming barrels are standing, and a set of barbed wires line the area. The nuclear plant, from a distance, is visibly in ruins. Jonas walks through until a truck full of face-masked soldiers approaches him, forcing him to drop to his knees and raise his hands. A teenage female soldier stands tall in front of him, and the other men surround him, aiming their rifles. He asks what year it is. A futuristic drone-plane flies overhead. The girl answers, "Welcome to the future," and shoves her rifle into his face, knocking him out.

Nadia shares her journey with her pregnancy and birth of daughter Indi, and in particular processing her journey into motherhood. Nadia also touches on the challenges she now faces and how her injuries might impact future pregnancies or births.

In the Ready Room, Pike compares notes with Spock. They determine he has traveled seven years into the future. Pike insists he is not mentally compromised and offers to participate in a mind meld with Spock. Spock informs him that the accident in question took place six months previously. No one was even hurt.

My daughter. And I'm going to create as many memories with her as possible. This is my final recording. I'm done living in the past. The future is here, inside of me. And I'm sure it'll be incredible.

Kiera meets Jason, a homeless man who claims to be from 2077. Kiera then races against time to stop the first terrorist attack that had caused, will cause, thousands of casualties. Meanwhile, Alec goes after Julian and is captured by Liber8. Kagame sends Sonya on a separate agenda and does not involve the other members. Kiera's cover is once again in jeopardy, while Alec finally reads the encrypted file for him from his future self.

Lucas manages to take down all cell service. Kiera flies blind as Alec attempts to restart his computer system at the farm, severely water damaged by the propane explosion. On her way to the precinct, a rambling homeless man named Jason approaches her, claiming to recognize her from the future and purporting to be from the future himself. Jason tells her he was sent back in time and has been hiding out for the last twenty years and trying to find his way back his timeline via a time machine he's built. He also claims to know about the cataclysmic event set to happen later that same day.

Jason takes Kiera into an abandoned building to show her his time machine, but admits he needs a nano-conductive metal to get it functioning. When Kiera shows him the quantum device piece, he offers to take her back to their future. Back at the station, Carlos and Agent Gardiner wonder what's taking Kiera so long to get to the station. Suspicious, Agent Gardiner runs check on this mysterious "Section Six" to which Carlos keeps referring.

Having escaped the blast, Kiera arrives as Jason's hideout to see his time machine as a last ditch effort to leave this chaos. Jason's time machine is nothing more than tubes and tin-foil. In tears, she realizes Jason for the madman he is. Her world and future completely upended, she seeks out Kellog for answers.

Off the island and in the future, Leah starts breathing heavily in her cell as Dean Young arrives and lets her out to cool off. Agent Young sits with her in the courtyard where he lets his guard down momentarily as she tries to get his map app up. She wants to know exactly where they are.

So it appears like this project is to determine which is the more successful or integrated sex, males or females. This actually opens up an intriguing possibility for the future if this series is renewed.

Jonas wore his yellow raincoat of truth and reason all the way into the future, and Future Jonas gave his younger self the yellow geiger counter, an instrument of the truth. But somewhere along the way, he lost the clear thinking of his yellow, along with the coat, and got caught up in red desire and the muddy moral ambiguity of the dark colors. He wants to change the past so badly that he forgot to stay objective.

Claudia Tiedemann, 1953, 1986 and 2019(?). Director of Winden Power Plant in 1986. Daughter of Egon. Mother of Regina and mother in law of Aleksander. Grandmother of Bartosz. Had extramarital affair with Tronte Nielsen in the 1980s. Appears to be a survivalist at some point in the future.

How do Human Resource professionals, People Leaders, and heads of Learning and Development bring these key behaviors and engagement into learning? Well, to steal something from Professor Galloway, we think the future of learning is A-Learning or algorithmic learning.

Virtual reality is increasingly being used to capture audiences' attention and make various fields more compelling. This episode delves into a VR experience about Charles Dickens' literature and immersive public art about rising sea levels. It also features an interview with the interactive media director of the New York Times about the future of journalism. 041b061a72


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