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Yohio Reach The Sky Rar Download

How to Download Yohio's Album Reach the Sky

Yohio is a Swedish singer, songwriter, and guitarist who is known for his visual kei style and his music that blends pop, rock, and metal. He debuted in Japan in 2012 with his mini-album Reach the Sky, which reached the second place on the Oricon weekly chart. The album contains six songs, including his hit single "Sky Limit", which was the opening theme for the anime Black Rock Shooter.


If you are a fan of Yohio and want to download his album Reach the Sky, you might have some trouble finding it online. The album is not available on popular streaming platforms like Spotify or Apple Music, and the physical CD is hard to find outside of Japan. However, there are some ways to get your hands on this rare gem. Here are some options:

  • Torrent sites: You can try to search for the album on torrent sites like The Pirate Bay or Kickass Torrents. However, this method is not recommended, as it is illegal and risky. You might end up downloading viruses or malware instead of the album, or get into trouble with the law. Moreover, torrenting might harm the artist's income and reputation.

  • SoundCloud: You can listen to the album on SoundCloud, where some users have uploaded it. However, you cannot download it from there, unless you use a third-party tool like SoundCloud Downloader. This method is also not recommended, as it violates SoundCloud's terms of service and might infringe on the artist's rights.

  • Official website: You can buy the album from Yohio's official website, where he sells both digital and physical copies. This is the best and most ethical way to support the artist and enjoy his music. The digital version costs 1000 yen (about 9 USD), and you can download it in MP3 or FLAC format. The physical version costs 1500 yen (about 14 USD), and you can choose between a regular edition or a limited edition with a DVD that contains music videos and behind-the-scenes footage.

To buy the album from Yohio's website, you need to create an account and have a credit card or PayPal account. You also need to have a Japanese address, or use a proxy service like Tenso or White Rabbit Express that can ship the CD to your country. The shipping fee varies depending on your location and the weight of the package.

In conclusion, if you want to download Yohio's album Reach the Sky, the best option is to buy it from his official website. This way, you can enjoy his music legally and safely, while supporting him as an artist. You can also check out his other albums, such as BREAK the BORDER, Together We Stand Alone, or NEO, which are also available on his website. Some Facts About Yohio and His Music

Now that you know how to download Yohio's album Reach the Sky, you might be interested in learning more about him and his music. Here are some facts that you might not know:

  • He is half-Japanese: Yohio was born in Sundsvall, Sweden, on July 12, 1995. His real name is Kevin Johio Lucas Rehn Eires. His father is a Swedish musician and his mother is a Japanese translator. He has three sisters, one of whom is also a singer. He can speak both Swedish and Japanese fluently, and he also knows some English and Chinese.

  • He started playing guitar at age 11: Yohio was inspired by his grandfather, who was a jazz guitarist. He taught himself how to play the guitar by watching videos on YouTube. He soon became proficient in various genres, such as classical, blues, metal, and pop. He also learned how to play other instruments, such as piano, drums, bass, and violin.

  • He is influenced by visual kei: Visual kei is a Japanese subculture that features elaborate costumes, makeup, and hairstyles. Yohio was fascinated by this style when he saw a video of the band Versailles on TV. He decided to adopt this look and express himself through his music and appearance. He often wears dresses, skirts, wigs, and accessories that make him look like a doll or an anime character.

  • He is popular in Japan: Yohio made his debut in Japan in 2012 with his mini-album Reach the Sky. He quickly gained popularity among Japanese fans, who were impressed by his skills, voice, and style. He has performed at various venues and events in Japan, such as Tokyo Dome City Hall, Shibuya O-East, and Anime Expo. He has also collaborated with famous Japanese artists, such as Gackt, Sugizo, and Daigo.

  • He is also a songwriter and producer: Yohio does not only sing and play the guitar, but he also writes and produces his own songs. He has composed songs for himself and for other artists, such as Seremedy, Kerbera, Disreign, and Mezmerize. He has also created his own record label called KEIOS Entertainment, where he supports new and upcoming artists.

These are some of the facts about Yohio and his music that you might find interesting. If you want to know more about him, you can follow him on his social media accounts or visit his official website. You can also watch his videos on YouTube or listen to his podcasts on Spotify. You might discover more of his talents and charms that will make you a fan of him. Some Reviews and Ratings of Yohio's Album Reach the Sky

If you are still not convinced that Yohio's album Reach the Sky is worth downloading, you might want to read some reviews and ratings from other fans and critics. Here are some examples:

  • Amazon Japan: The album has a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon Japan, based on 64 customer reviews. Most of the reviewers praised Yohio's vocals, guitar skills, and songwriting. They also complimented his visual kei style and his ability to sing in both Japanese and English. Some of the negative comments mentioned that the album was too short, or that they preferred his previous or later works.

  • Jame World: Jame World is a website that covers Japanese music and culture. They gave the album a rating of 8 out of 10, and wrote a detailed review of each song. They described the album as "a solid debut that showcases Yohio's potential as a musician and a performer". They also noted that the album had a "diverse sound that ranges from pop rock to heavy metal, with influences from both Japanese and Western music". They concluded that the album was "a must-listen for fans of visual kei, or anyone who enjoys catchy and energetic music".

  • Metal Hammer: Metal Hammer is a magazine that focuses on heavy metal music. They gave the album a rating of 3 out of 5 stars, and wrote a brief review of it. They acknowledged that Yohio was "a talented guitarist and singer who can pull off both melodic and aggressive tunes". However, they also criticized that the album was "too generic and predictable, lacking originality and personality". They suggested that Yohio should "find his own voice and style, rather than imitating others".

These are some of the reviews and ratings of Yohio's album Reach the Sky that you might find helpful. Of course, the best way to judge the album is to listen to it yourself and form your own opinion. You can download the album from Yohio's official website, or listen to some samples on YouTube. You might be surprised by how much you like it. Some Tips and Tricks to Enjoy Yohio's Album Reach the Sky

Now that you have downloaded Yohio's album Reach the Sky, you might want to know some tips and tricks to enjoy it to the fullest. Here are some suggestions:

  • Listen to it with headphones: The album has a rich and powerful sound that can be best appreciated with a good pair of headphones. You will be able to hear every detail of Yohio's voice and guitar, as well as the other instruments and effects. You will also feel more immersed in the music and the emotions that it conveys.

  • Read the lyrics and translations: The album has songs in both Japanese and English, and some of them have a mix of both languages. If you are not fluent in both languages, you might want to read the lyrics and translations to understand the meaning and message of each song. You can find the lyrics and translations on Yohio's official website, or on some fan sites like Genius or Lyrics Translate. You might discover some hidden meanings or references that will make you appreciate the songs more.

  • Watch the music videos and live performances: The album has four songs that have music videos: "Sky Limit", "Our Story", "Heartbreak Hotel", and "Sakura Falling". You can watch them on Yohio's official YouTube channel, or on some other platforms like Vevo or Nico Nico Douga. The music videos are visually stunning and showcase Yohio's style and charisma. You can also watch some of his live performances, where he displays his energy and talent on stage. You can find some of his live videos on his YouTube channel, or on some fan sites like Dailymotion or Bilibili.

  • Share it with your friends and family: The album has a universal appeal that can be enjoyed by anyone who loves music. You can share it with your friends and family, and introduce them to Yohio and his music. You can also join some online communities of fans, such as forums, blogs, social media groups, or fan clubs. You can interact with other fans, exchange opinions, share information, and support Yohio together.

These are some of the tips and tricks to enjoy Yohio's album Reach the Sky. Of course, you can also find your own ways to enjoy it, depending on your preferences and tastes. The most importan


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