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Languages Available in: The download links above has Ferrari: Race to Immortalitysubtitles in Arabic, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, Norwegian, Portuguese, Swedish Languages.


  • Scratches - The Curse of Jerry As Scratches is abandonware, Civvie has to go on a "Perfectly Legitimate Abandonware Search" to obtain it. The game's set in 1976, and Civvie takes the time to explain to his audience how a rotary telephone works. And then facetiously advertises a 100% walkthrough of the game with one (three-hour) part dedicated to dialing the phone. He also mentions that they're so old he's never actually used one, despite people constantly calling him a literal Boomer.

  • Of note is the fact that he mentions that you have you meticiously dial every digit of the phone numbers you use in the game in order to call someone. Keep this in mind every time we abruptly cut to Michael on the phone with Jerrynote which Civvie seemingly does every single time he finds something plot-important.

  • Civvie's increasing exasperation with the real estate agent Jerry, who is revealed as being rather duplicitous over the course of the story, to the point of calling him the game's real villain. The video's subtitle is even "Curse of Jerry".Civvie: Why'd you send me to a murder house, Jerry? Civvie: WHY DID YOU SEND ME TO A DOUBLE MURDER HOUSE, JERRY?! Civvie: WHY DID YOU SEND ME TO A DOUBLE-MURDER SOUTH-AFRICAN-MASK-CURSE HOUSE, JERRY!? Civvie: JERRY, YOU STUCK ME IN A CURSED MURDER HOUSE AND MADE A CROOKED REAL ESTATE DEAL ON IT!? During his brief discussion of the "Last Visit" DLC, Civvie brings up the reveal that Jerry went to jail for four years after the events of the base game. Guess how he responds.Civvie: Fuck Jerry.

  • After Michael discovers via a newspaper that he's staying in a murder house, Civvie reacts calmly:Civvie: (clearly panicked) So what, murder house, nothing wrong with that, time for bed!

  • At one point, the player has to have Michael rapel down the side of the house during a thunderstorm in order to access an inaccessible part of the house. While this sequence plays out, Civvie reminds Michael that he should be writing his book.Civvie: Why don't ya fuckin' write something, Michael?!

  • Civvie finally decides to have Michael sit down and write some of his book, commenting on how all writing is is just stream-of-consciousness with no planning whatsoever. One abrupt cut to a phone call to Jerry laternote who also points out that Michael should be writing instead of investigating shit, we see that Michael was writing "I'm going to be a good boy and not make any references to The Shining" over and over.Civvie: Well, shit.

  • Civvie's Rapid-Fire "No!" reaction to the game requiring Michael to crawl into a furnace. Immediately afterwards, his reaction to seeing a shadowy figure walking around in the basement. And his bafflement at the player character's decision to go to bed in the house that now definitely has someone else in it.Civvie: Michael decides the best course of action is to go to bed. Michael is dumb, I would be hopping this fence and taking my chances on the road by now. Fuck this.

  • When Jerry suggests calling the police, Michael tells him to not get the police involved because, as Civvie puts it, "Michael has a death wish."

  • Instead of B-Roll of the game for the credits, Civvie takes the opportunity to talk briefly about two demos he'd played. In the first, Fallen Aces, Civvie is hesitant to say anything about it because it's a New Blood game and, in his own words, "New Blood keeps putting up quotes about my dick on the store page". Said quote verbatim is now on the game's Steam page.



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